QUICK Church Coordinator Check List


2024 Church Coordinator Check List:

  • Print out paper registrations under forms & info on the website and have participants (3rd-12th) fill them out.
  • Check out the event guidelines at mwltc.net for information on the various events
  • Go to the registration system (under forms & info)  MWLTC 2024 Registration (regfox.com)
  • Enter your first participant, then click add another participant, continue repeating that step until all participants are entered.
    • When done entering each participant send the confirmation to yourself and click submit
    • Scroll to the bottom of the confirmation page and create a login so you can edit your participants events later.
    • Edit Registration

Email Bri – office@green-valley.org with questions about registration

  • Encourage students to enter for scholarships by 2/12! (under scholarships at mwltc.net – there are 3 forms)
  • Check with your participants before 2/26 to gather pre-convention items in digital form and upload to https://www.dropbox.com/request/JqzQf2Eicowx0he6ubvZ except Children’s book which must be mailed (see below for address)
  • Check with your participants about Challenge events by 3/11!  Then as the coordinator you will fill out the form about what medals you need for your participants by 3/11: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/1/d/e/1FAIpQLSfSeFmkZtBLKaTCA3O9iaM5OmwAfeqgFROeeQtEDERqQMbEOg/closedform
  • Each Participant is $40.00, add your total, write check to MWLTC and mail to MWLTC c/o Green Valley, 19005 Cumberland Rd, Noblesville, IN 46060
  • Check the mwltc.net weekly for updates on hotel deals, schedule, and room orders of participants.
  • At convention please check-in as the church coordinator (only the church coordinator needs to check-in) We do not register observers. 
  • Please ask your congregation to commit to helping at convention. We will need evaluators and door monitors.  They can sign up in the foyer at Green Valley during convention.
  • Deadlines:
    • 2/12/24 Scholarship forms are due (see above for details)
    • 2/26/24 Registration system will close.
    • 2/26/24 Preconvention must be submitted (see info below on submission)
    • 3/11/24 Challenge event submission for # of medals need is due (see link above)
    • 3/29-30/24 Convention is at Green Valley 19005 Cumberland Rd 46060

Special NOTES about certain events:

  • Children’s Book Event: must snail MAIL book to ATTN: MWLTC Children’s Book, Sunset church of Christ24800 Ecorse Rd. Taylor, MI 48180 by 2/26
  • Signing for the Deaf Event:  fill out form for skill level: MWLTC: Signing for the Deaf – Google Forms  to understand which skill level, please read the event guideline for Signing: signing-1.pdf (wordpress.com)
  • Bible Quiz & Bible Bowl Guides Event: are under forms & info at mwltc.net
  • Pre-convention Writing, Video Bible Drama, Short Film Event need to be loaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/JqzQf2Eicowx0he6ubvZ
  • Group Singing, Live Modern Drama, Puppets, encourage your group to perform in front of an audience (VBS, Nursing Home, etc…)  to receive an additional 10 bonus points during convention. (Let event coordinator)
  • Bring Art, Photography, Scrapbooks, textiles to convention and have your participant check-in with the Event Coordinator in the Gym.