Christian colleges & universities are great supporters of Midwest LTC. 

Scholarship applications must be submitted online by February 14, 2022. Note that there are three forms to complete:

Participating Colleges & Universities:  

Several Christian colleges have offered scholarships to our participants (high school level only) in the past. They regard the MWLTC program highly and recognize that the MWLTC participants are among the top candidates for entry to their respective colleges/universities.

 2022 Available Scholarships:


How Scholarships Are Awarded


Here are the criteria that will be applied (in weighted order):

  • Scholarship Essay (why I participate in LTC and how I use what I learn)
    • Grammar (proper use of grammar is essential in effective communication)
    • Structure (format and flow – is there a beginning, a middle, and an end)
    • Content (what is the student actually saying)
  • Academic Achievement – GPA (must be converted to a 4.0)
  • Recommendation from their youth minister (yes/no ranking)
    • Christian Character/Attitude
    • Demonstrated leadership
    • Faithfulness in attendance @ church activities
    • Relationships (with God and others)
    • Dependability
  • # of years involved in at least 1 Convention event

Please understand that the evaluation of the written essays is necessarily subjective and every attempt is made to correctly compare and rank the essays. Don’t forget that this is for a scholarship to a college and a high standard is maintained and expected by our supporting colleges.

The scholarships are announced and awarded at the MWLTC convention.

How To Apply

  1. Applicant completes his/her LTC Scholarship Student Application and Student Essay  ONLINE. (Note: The application must meet all criteria or it will not be processed). The applicant must now be in grade 9, 10, 11, or 12 to apply.
  2. Applicant requests youth minister (elder or LTC coordinator if no youth minister) to fill out ONLINE Scholarship Reference Form.
  3. Applicant’s youth minister completes the Reference form online.
  4. All scholarship application materials must be submitted by February 15, 2022.