Church Coordinator Quick Links


Welcome Church Coordinators to the 2017 MWLTC year:

  1. Online Registration (Coming Soon)
  2. Church Coordinator’s Guide
  3. Encourage your participants to apply for Scholarships.
  4. After you have registered your students, please remember to send in your payment. The student fees are a very important part of making LTC a success. Your congregation’s registration is not complete until this payment is received. Please send $40 per participating student. ($20 per leader2b student) You can use the reports to see how many students are participating from your congregation. Checks should be payable to Midwest Leadership Training for Christ and mailed by February 5, 2018 to:
    Midwest Leadership Training for Christ
    899 W. 300 S.
    Kokomo, IN 46902
  5. Below are quick links to make this easier for you:


Web & Printable Forms:

Student Registration Form


Leader2B (5yr.-2nd Grade) Participants


Online Registration (Coming Soon)


Signing for the Deaf – Skill Level Submission


Certify Banner for Textiles Event


Challenge Event Medal Record-Keeping Worksheet (NOT FOR SUBMISSION) 


Challenge Event Medal Submission


How to UPLOAD files


2018 Events: 

Event Guidelines


2018 Song Leader List


2018 Signing List (Event TBD)


2018 Student Bible Quiz (Coming Soon)


2018 Student Bible Bowl


2018 Teacher Bible Bowl


2018 Study Guide Answer Key


2018 Convention Information:

Printable Congregation Volunteer Interest Form


Online Volunteer


MWLTC Hotel Reservations


Convention Etiquette


Church Handout


Evaluator Meeting Times