Signing & Interpreting for the Deaf

Signing & Interpreting for the Deaf

PURPOSE:       To encourage students to develop the ability to interpret so that they can minister to and develop relationships with the hearing-impaired, as well as provide various services to the hearing-impaired to the glory of God and His church.

This event takes place at the convention and is a very special event. Our event coordinators are wonderful to manage this important but challenging event. For questions or clarifications, contact  Linda Pitmon & Susan Paul at


Each participant will:

  • Prepare for either signing OR interpreting, and does so for the appropriate experience level.
  • Be certain that they are registered for this event no later than the registration deadline.
  • Notify event coordinator at least 2 weeks before the convention if interpreting services are needed (if participant is hearing-impaired). This is in addition to the regular registration process.  (The church coordinator can notify the event coordinator for this.)
  • NOTE: It is very important that the participant is certain that critical information is sent to the event coordinator at least two weeks before the convention.  USE FORM AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE

The Church Coordinator will:

  • Be certain to provide an adult volunteer to evaluate or help with this event, if possible. Send their name and phone number to the event coordinator no later than 3 weeks prior to the convention. Additional volunteers will be greatly appreciated.

The Event Coordinator will:

  • Be certain that participants have been assigned to event rooms.
  • Provide the recordings to be used during the convention.
  • Provide adult volunteers to serve as “room emcee” for each event room.  MWLTC organizers will assist you to determine how many emcees are needed.
  • Conduct an evaluators meeting before the event.
  • Report results and provide critique sheets to the Awards Committee.
  • Provide qualified evaluators for the Signing and Interpreting events


Participant Eligibility

  • Any registered student in grades 3-12 can participate in this event.  Students will be evaluated according to their grade level.


  • A video of a person signing all the selections will be prepared and made available early in the year for students to use in their preparation and practice for this event.  This video is intended for those students who do not have the opportunity to learn from an adult with signing experience.  It will include instructions to help students understand the meaning behind the signs.  The interpretations in the video will be valid for each selection, but are certainly not the only correct interpretations.
  • Teaching Video NOW Available. When you click on the link, you will be directed to Mrs.Pitmon’s YouTube site.  Go to Mrs. Pitmon’s YouTube Channel.

General Guidelines

  • Signing OR Interpreting:  Students must choose to participate in either the Signing for the Deaf or Interpreting for the Deaf portion of the event.  Different guidelines & rules are provided later in this document for each area.
  • Experience Levels:  Both the Signing and the Interpreting portions of this event have Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced experience levels that a student can choose to participate in.  Descriptions of those skill levels are provided later in this document.

Information Needed, In Addition to Normal Registration Process (at least 2 weeks prior)

  • Each participating student and/or church coordinator is responsible for sending the following information to the event coordinator at least 2 weeks before the convention.  USE FORM AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE

Student Information:  Name, grade level, home congregation

Is the student participating in Signing OR Interpreting?

Is the student’s experience level Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced?

Are interpreting services needed (if the participant is hearing-impaired)?

During the Event

  • Order of Performance: A list will be posted outside the signing/interpreting room with the order in which each student will participate. If a participant’s name is not on the list, please go to LTC Central or the event coordinator for resolution.  All students must gather in front of their assigned performance room at least 10 minutes prior to their scheduled time.  Each student will be called in at the appropriate time.
  • Participant Appearance: A solid color blouse/shirt/dress contrasting with skin tone shall be worn during signing.
  • Participants Watching the Event:  A participant must not watch (will not be permitted in the room) with the other participants in the same event / level until he / she has completed his / her event.
  • Spectators:  Spectators may not enter or leave the room while a participant is signing or interpreting.


  • A participant will be disqualified if another person gives any signs while he/she is signing.

Specific Guidelines for Signing for the Deaf

Experience Levels & Selections

NOTE: All songs are taken from Songs of Faith & Praise, copyright 1994, Howard Publishing Company.  The songs should be signed according to the soprano lyrics.  All scripture passages are from the NIV (1984).

  • Beginning Level:  Participant will sign one song or one scripture of their choice from list below:

            Beginning Song List

(Coming Soon for 2016)


 Intermediate Level:  Participant may choose to learn all of the songs and scriptures in either Group A or Group B.  At convention, the participant will be asked which Group they are prepared to sign.  The participant will be asked to sign any one song or any one scripture from the Group they selected.

Group A Songs & Scriptures

              (Coming Soon for 2016)


Group B Songs & Scriptures

(Coming Soon for 2016)


  • Advanced Level: Participant will learn all of the following songs and scriptures.  At convention, the participant will be asked to sign any one song and any one scripture from the list below:

Advanced Song List

 (Coming Soon for 2016)

During the Event

  • The Selection: The event coordinator will provide a recording of the selection at convention.  (See previous section for list of selections and how they are chosen.)  No other recordings may be used.  No advance copies of the recordings will be distributed.  Words will not be provided.  For intermediate and advanced signing, once the evaluator has chosen the selection, no changes will be made in the selection.  Failure to sign the announced selection will result in a maximum of a Bronze award.
  • Version:  The participant must ensure the song and scripture selections that he/she signs match the versions indicated in the sections above.  Failure to comply with this will reduce the maximum award to bronze.
  • Introduction:  The participant will fingerspell his/her name and sign the selection he/she will be signing. Intermediate and Advanced will fingerspell name and sign selection chosen by the evaluators.

Specific Guidelines for Interpreting for the Deaf

Experience Levels & Selections

  • Beginning Interpreting: Each participant will interpret a short recorded LTC Announcement (approximately 2 minutes). Each student must know how to sign LTC events, dates, locations, days of the week, and numbers.
  • Intermediate Interpreting: Each participant will interpret a 2-3 minutes devotional that is provided.
  • Advanced Interpreting: Participants will be assigned to interpret a 4-5 minute devotional/sermon that is provided.

During the Event

  • The Selection: No advance copies of the material to be interpreted will be distributed.  Words will not be provided.  The participant interprets the material (announcement, sermon, or speech) as it is being spoken.


Grade Level 3-6 Gold = 90 to 100 Silver = 80 to 89 Bronze = 70 to 79 Participant = 69 & less
Grade Level 7-12 Gold = 95 to 100 Silver = 85 to 94 Bronze = 75 to 84 Participant = 74 & less



Teaching Video

Teaching Video Available at Mrs. Pitmon’s YouTube Channel.
In order to properly plan for the Signing & Interpreting for the Deaf event, we need to know more about each participants’ proficiency level and their signing selections.

ONLINE FORM (Coming Soon for 2016)