Hotel Reservations

Please be sure to mention that you are with “MIDWEST LEADERSHIP” when booking your hotel room for the convention.  


DEADLINE to register for rooms under Midwest Leadership: February 10th

2015 Hotel Reservations:




Marriott East – $87/night +tax

Marriott Phone No. 317-352-1231







LaQuinta East – $69/night +tax

LaQuinta Phone No. 317-359-1021





NOTE: The hotel will only accept checks 14 days prior to the convention. 

Volunteer for the 2015 Convention

Right here, right now, all non-participants may volunteer at the convention. 

Are you an artist?

…evaluate the Traditional Art Event or the Alternative Art Event.

Scrapbook as a hobby?

….evaluate the Scrapbooking Event!

Got a great ear and passion for singing?

….evaluate the Group Singing Event.

Want to help, but don’t want to evaluate?

….monitor doors between groups during an event.

There’s so many ways you can help make a difference for the students.

Volunteer in your area of expertise!

Register for MWLTC

Coordinators, Parents, and Participants:

MWLTC registration deadline is fast approaching on Monday, February 2, 2015.  Also, February 2nd is the deadline to submit the pre-convention events.  Click this link to register as a participant.

Everyone who is not a participant of MWLTC should register for the 2015 convention. (If you were registered as an observer last year, you are already in our system. Thanks!)   Click this link to register as an observer.


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2015 Updates

Hey Everyone,

We are excited to say that the website is 95% updated for the 2015 MWLTC convention.  A few items like: Hotel Reservations, Online Event Confirmation Forms, and Bible Bowl Files are still in the process of being updated for 2015.  These changes will be completed by the end of October.  You might also note that some of the EVENTS have guideline changes. The changes are in red under the individual event. Thank you for your patience!

Here are some things to start: